Woman Moves Into Shelter To Console Battered Dogs Who Survived Nightmare Pasts

Dream Of A Safe Haven (DASH) is one of the largest dog shelters in Greece, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Volunteers from all over the world work together to rescue dogs who have been found abandoned, neglected, abused, injured, and sick, among many other awful circumstances.

“To say life has not treated them so well is an understatement and really makes you doubt humanity,” said Carina, one of DASH’s volunteers. “They have been shot, dragged along on a car, used in fights and other cruel things. I would expect them to be nervous, shy, aggressive even, with me, a new person. And who would blame them, really?”

“But the opposite was true,” she continued. “I was welcomed with wagging tales, exciting barks and the most beautiful happy dog smiles.”

DASH came to life after a dog-lover, named Katerina Pesonis, literally dreamed of creating a safe haven for dogs.

She is 100% dedicated to helping these dogs and even lives in a trailer in the shelter, which allows her to care for hundreds of dogs every day.

All of the dogs at DASH roam free in packs, and, despite their awful pasts, they are still very happy and social. They receive the best care at the shelter and thank the volunteers by offering them slobbery kisses in return.

“These dogs are just amazing, as are the wonderful people who give up everything to give these dogs back at least something. Who fight to give them a second chance,” Carina said.

“And damn it, they deserve it. They deserve endless love and walks and kindness. I am humbled. After all those dogs have been through, all they want is some attention and all the people working in the shelter want is to make this dream come true.”

Learn more about DASH and Pesonis’ incredible mission and rescue efforts in the video below: