Woman Finds A Dying Pink Blob On The Ground, Vows To Give Him A Second Chance

As she inspected further, she realized the poor creature was a newborn baby squirrel who had probably fallen off his nest. The youngling was hurt and it didn’t seem like he would pull through, but Jessica decided to give him a fair chance to survive.

Jessica brought the squirrel home and named him Steve, while embarking on a difficult mission to save his life. Steve was cold and in shock, so she kept him warm and fed him milk with syringes. After spending countless sleepless nights tending to him, she was relieved when Steve finally started growing up like a normal healthy squirrel!

Jessica was ecstatic to be a fulltime squirrel mom and she did everything in her power to teach Steve some outdoor survival skills. She was mighty proud to see her pampered rescue baby growing into a big, wild adventurer! However, the inevitable happened when Steve left his cozy abode behind one day and disappeared entirely.

Steve’s “moving out” was very hard on Jessica, but she eventually warmed up to the idea of her precious baby embracing his independence and blooming on his own. But just when she had lost all hope of seeing him again, Steve reappeared with a smile on his face and a massive surprise!