Manchas was a street dog from Peru that spent many years residing in Lurn, Lima. The dog became the town’s mascot because it was loved by everyone in the community, frequently showed up at festivals, had a distinct personality, and was fed and cared for by the neighbors. Because of his advanced age and the toll that life was having on him, Manchas spent weeks in the hospital. Despite the community’s efforts to rescue him and pay for his treatments, Manchas ultimately passed away. They were grieved by the news and organized a liturgy for him as well as a funeral when they said their final goodbyes.

The dog that Peruvians loved the most received their final good-byes.

The people of Lurn admired and appreciated Manchas, a street dog who didn’t want to be adopted by a family since he felt amazing receiving daily attention from all the residents of the town, neighbors gave him food, and of course, they played with him.

This dog attended all public events, including weddings and neighborhood get-togethers. He was well-liked at the church, where everyone appreciated his polite and enjoyable presence. Due to his advanced age, this dog started getting sick in late 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

People worked together to save Manchas, who was at a veterinary facility and was afterwards treated at a residence. This dog, on the other hand, crossed the rainbow on January 20, 2020.

Estrella Condenso Polo, who was aware of the dog, conveyed the dreadful news. This upset the neighbors who looked after the sweet dog, and they did not hesitate to dismiss him in a dignified manner.

A last farewell to Stains

Anyone who allows themselves to be loved is captivated by dogs, and the most priceless gift they can provide is their frank and open company. They loved and cared for Spots more than just as a pet, so knowing that she had passed away was heartbreaking.

“Anyone who wishes to come with us and say farewell to him, the parish hall will be open from 4:15 pm to greet him, place him in his tiny box, say a prayer, and then transfer him to the cemetery,” the statement continued. “Manchitas was the Church’s small dog. He will rest at the municipal cemetery next to his best friend Peni. At the municipal cemetery, where he will be interred next to his best friend Peni, we are waiting for you. Estrella has been made available.

In addition to giving the dog a farewell tour of the town and putting him in a box with flowers, a band of musicians also arrived to thank him for his companionship and unwavering devotion. Finally, they took him to the cemetery, where they laid him to rest and said their final goodbyes.

Manchas went, but not before feeling the love of people who cared about him. It’s important to remember that dogs always show symptoms of illness, so you must always be alert.