Willie Nelson lets 70 horses roam freely at his Texas ranch after rescuing them from a slaughterhouse.    

He is still touring at the age of 85 and has been in over 30 films as well as a number of novels. He usually travels, but when he isn’t, you may find him at his ranch in Texas Hillside Nation. Willie is a singer-songwriter, poet, and lobbyist.

When he learned that 70 horses were set to be transferred to a butcher and then to an adhesive plant, he acted quickly to save them. It is a dreadful fate for the gorgeous creatures. Unfortunately, there are more enclosures than there are wild animals. As a horse fanatic, Willie couldn’t imagine that happening. Luck Property, located around 30 miles from Austin, is his ranch in Texas. He promptly relocated the horses to his property. The majority of the rescued horses were bound for the slaughterhouse. The cattle ranch is undoubtedly fortunate in terms of the horses. They have a lot of space to explore there. Horses are treated in the same way as kings and queens are.

“My horses are arguably the luckiest horses in the world,” Willie Nelson told ABC News. They are fed by hand twice a day. They were just about to be slaughtered. That might be the last pint they recall. They are more than content steeds.” Willie’s fondness for animals is widely documented, and it is reflected in many of his songs. Most individuals his age put their feet up in a retirement center, but not this wonderful country music celebrity. He still travels about 200 days each year. When Nelson is not visiting, he enjoys nothing more than driving his old pick-up truck around Luck Cattle Ranch. His charitable effort dates back a long time. Nelson founded Farm Aid in 1985 with Neil Young and John Mellencamp. They chose to do this in order to help and create awareness about the importance of family farms.

Nelson performed his debut concert in front of 80,000 people in the Memorial Area of the College of Illinois. Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, B. B. King, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty were among the entertainers, as were nearly 9 million home farmers in the United States. Nelson has saved the lives of around 70 horses over the last couple of years. Instead of being driven to a butcher’s house, the horses may now spend their days roaming through the countryside and consuming hand-fed meals on a regular basis. Willie has also been an active and essential voice in the campaign to end the slaughter of wild horses. Nelson has really lobbied Congress in support of the American Steed Slaughter Avoidance Act.

Contrary to popular belief, slaughter is not a kind type of assisted suicide, and these are not undesired horses. The treatment of slaughter-bound steeds is usually brutal, and more than 90% of those murdered are young and healthy. Many of them are sold at closed auctions to abattoirs, while others are stolen pets. Nelson stated that he is still unable to ride a horse, despite his previous abilities. His most recent CD contains the song “The Love of Equines.” Take a look at the renowned video featured below.