When her dog was taken to be euthanized, one inmate hugged her tightly.

Esther, a dog, was rescued from a deplorable puppy factory by pet advocates. Esther had clearly been ignored, abused, and isolated in a terrible manner, as she sought to hide when she encountered people!

However, any dog with a situation like Esther is usually killed, but the rescuers felt that they could save her.

They created a program called “Prison-trained K-9 Companion Program,” which allows offenders to assist in the restoration of the most heinous cases of pet maltreatment.

Jason Mayo was the inmate in charge of Esther’s recuperation. Jason did an excellent job of instilling in her the value of loyalty.

Esther was consistently rewarded with cuddles and kisses, which aided her rehabilitation tremendously.

The good news is that she has been transformed into a dog who adores people.

That was the turning moment in her life, as she was then hired by a wonderful family!

Take a look at the video clip below.

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