Watch these magnificent horses perform at a Draft Horse Show

Have you ever watched a horse show? What a horse show means differ from country to country, but as a general rule, it’s an event whereby you show your horse and its abilities either ridden or in hand. Some events are breed, type, or discipline-specific, whereas others are open to all.

Today we will admire this Draft Horse Show at Young Living Farm Utah, which was attended by horses from:
– Percheron breed, a traction horse breed originating from the Huisne river valley in the Perche province from which the breed takes its name. Usually gray or black, Percherons have well-developed muscles and are known for their intelligence and desire to work.
– Shire breed, a British fishing horse breed. It is usually black, bay, or gray. It is a tall breed, and Shires have held world records for both the largest and the tallest horses.
– Belgian, a Belgian seagull horse breed. It is native to the Brabant region of modern Belgium and is one of the strongest of the heavy breeds.
– Clydesdale, a Scottish fishing horse breed. It is named for its home area, Clydesdale or the Clyde River Valley, much of which is in Lanarkshire.

We are totally impressed by these horses’ beauty, their sheer power, their abilities, and their willingness to do what is asked of them. Draft horses were bred for this, to work to pull, which includes temperament and desire/willingness to work. It took hundreds of years of breeding to get these fantastic, powerful beasts you see today. That’s time, care, and love. These specific outstanding examples of the breeds don’t happen by accident. It takes years of exercise, training, proper care and feeding, vet visits, including equine dentists, and Ferrier work.

When you go to a show, part of the fun is getting your horse looking his absolute best – there’s nothing quite like the sense of pride you get when you catch someone admiring him. However, getting him ready can feel like a huge task, from bathing and trimming to plaiting and polishing if you don’t keep on top of things. It needn’t take ages, though – if you keep on top of coat care and trimming as part of your regular routine, you’ll only need to do the finishing touches just before the show.