To avoid having his nails clipped, a mischievous pit bull faints.

The fact is that pet grooming sessions may be either a joy or a nightmare. While some pets don’t mind being washed, brushed, or cleaned, others may attempt every trick in the book to avoid them. The Pit Bull in this video has a great dislike to nail cutters. As you can see in the video below, the Pit Bull just perceives it as a fatal item that must be avoided at all costs. When Mom tells her Pit Bull that it’s time to clip her nails, the distraught dog’s initial instinct is to ignore her.

Mom, on the other hand, just grasps her paw and begins clipping her nails. That’s when we see the Pit Bull go all out with her stage antics! She continues to slowly fall backward, finally collapsing flat on the floor, her limbs stuck in mid-air!

Mom, on the other hand, keeps trimming “heartlessly.” So the poor puppy looks at the man recording her with mournful eyes, pleading to be saved! While her stage performance could not spare her from nail trimming, it was surely deserving of an Oscar nomination! What a sweet dog. She has a bright future as an actress.