Tiny Chihuahua Fights For Survival After Falling From The Sky


The  is one of the most beautiful stories ever. It’s about a six-week-old puppy who survived a terrible accident. The story began when a group of construction workers heard the puppy’s pleading cries after a tiring day. They immediately knew they had to do something.

They   started   searching and following the sound but found nothing, but they kept hearing the screams, so one of them looked up and discovered that the screams were coming from above. It was a heartbreaking sight when they saw a small Chihuahua puppy caught in the claws of a hawk circling overhead.

They were all shocked and didn’t know what to do, but the hawk knocked the Chihuahua down. The operators immediately ran to check on the puppy and couldn’t believe what they saw. Fortunately, the puppy was injured, but not enough for the dog handlers to pick it up and take it to the nearest vet, where it was examined and found to be fine.

The little cub brought to the Austin Animal Center (AAC) had a few scratches, a few bruises and dents, but considering it was dropped from the sky by a hawk, it was in great condition. He was put on an IV drip to help him regain his strength after his terrible accident with the hawk.

Fortunately, a little Chihuahua named Tony Hawk is recovering and receiving the nutrition he needs to be adopted when he is fully recovered.