This Amazing Sand Artist Creates Animal Sculptures So Incredibly Detailed, They Almost Look Real!

One of the most admirable characteristics of artists is their ability to use anything as a medium. Andoni Bastarrika, a multimedia artist from the Basque Country of Spain found that sand is the best material to express his creativity. Although most of us are proud of ourselves after building sandcastles on the beach, Andoni defeated us with his magnificent sand sculptures.

His work focuses on creatures in the natural world, such as horses, bulls, and sharks. Andoni’s works look incredibly realistic, and anyone who sees them, especially those in the distance, will think they are real!.

When he took his two daughters on the beach, the artist first tried sand art in the summer of 2010. He made a sculpture of the little mermaid for them, and this is when he discovered his talent: the “liquidity” of his hands.

In a conversation with the boring panda, he said: “They know what they are doing. I am committed to developing this kind of gift and have been doing it for the past ten years.”

Obviously, he improved this skill on the basis of excellent sand sculpture and did a very good job. He explained in a Facebook post why he continued to use sand for the past ten years.

“The sand fascinates me, because no matter how you look at it, as long as you are willing to learn, it will teach you something. In order to make sculptures, a large number of incredible sand particles will participate and hug each other in a humid environment. So that someone can simulate their combination. When the artist takes a step back, his work will remain under the mercy of nature, which means that sooner or later the wind will dry them and release each particle, slowly consuming all Personality and authenticity.”

Although he has many reasons to advocate sand as a medium, Andoni said that this may be the main reason: behavior.

He said, “To create a beautiful world, we must all embrace each other.”

He also likes to make animal sculptures with sand, because they are “free spirits” that humans can “reflect and learn”.

Then they were brought into this world by deeds until they died. At least for me, this kind of nudity symbolizes freedom, and freedom is the basic element that can truly live. Humans “dress” in many ways Survival. I have never done it, and I will not make animals with necklaces or chains. I prefer to embrace their freedom, strength, and wisdom through beauty, rather than a pain.” He added.

His creative process starts with the accumulation of damp sand, which is then shaped, and then attempts to find expressions that bring it to life. After mastering it, he will use sharp sticks and feathers to emphasize its expression. Sometimes, he combined other materials, such as coal powder, clay powder, stone powder of different colors, ash and glass fragments, to add realism to his work.

The time he takes to complete a work depends on its size. For example, he spent two days completing elephant sculptures and 12 hours completing bison and horses. Smaller dogs take about six to eight hours.

You are an Incredible artist.