They rescue a dog that was used for street fights, he cries when they give him a bed

Former owners of Manchas’s exposed him to street fights, neglected to feed him correctly, and he acquired skin cancer; as a result, he is now a well-liked and social Pitbull Terrier dog in his neighborhood.

The dog had given up hope until he broke free of his chains and found a family who took him in and nursed him back to health. When they finally purchased him a bed, he sobbed with relief that he no longer had to spend his nights in the cold, heat, or company of insects. He then proceeded to thank the angels who had saved him by licking them.

Abigail Castro fills in Bunko on the backstory of Manchas, a dog who went through a lot. In the anecdote, a stray dog showed up at her house and moved her so much that she immediately brought him to the vet, despite his bad condition (injuries, untidy fur, and a mournful expression), and paid for his care. Doctors reported he was underweight, had infected sores, and skin cancer, all of which required care.

When she couldn’t identify the dog’s owner, she took to social media in hopes of finding him or her. There, she learned that the dog belonged to a group of suspicious neighbors who used it for illegal street fighting.

There are tears when they give Manchas his first bed.

Sleeping on the ground with a chain lodged in his skin and insects itching his wounds, the days dragged on and nobody cared. Not only did his new family provide a safe place to live, but they also fed him, cared for his skin conditions, and let him play with their children. I mean, really, what else could he want?

His owner gathered funds after becoming suspicious about the source of stains on her other dogs’ beds, but she never directly confronted him. Therefore, she set out to find a bed that would be suitable for a dog of his size, as she has a Pitbull Terrier.

He thought it was the nicest gift ever because Abigail had given it to him and he had cried when she told him. She was taken aback since he continued to cry even after she had realized he was upset.

“He’s extremely happy now, but I have a picture of him sobbing in his bed on the day we got it.”

She told him he was deserving of it because he was such a model pet, one who was respectful and courageous despite his troubled history. He has wiped the slate clean and won the hearts of all his neighbors; he entertains the local kids, keeps his neighbors company at night, and will not hesitate to use force to defend his Manchas family.