The puppy was discarded at the garbage dump. He now has the best life.

Thanks to an animal lover’s daily routine, a gorgeous dog rescued in a dumpster may have a long and happy life. Takis Proestakis, a dog rescuer, discovers dogs virtually every day at the nearby landfill. Actually, it was the rescue of an abandoned puppy at the landfill that inspired him to establish the Takis Shelter.

Unwanted pets are frequently abandoned as rubbish on the Greek island of Crete. Takis goes home with another dog as the rubbish finds its way to his shelter. That’s exactly what occurred when Takis discovered Samu.

Samu nearly seemed to fit in with his surroundings. His white fur matched the hue of the mattress he was hiding under. ,, We’ve returned.” Takis says as he takes his puppy Zoe out of the automobile in the rescue footage. Takis expects that Zoe will assist him in bringing the puppy to him, and he is successful.

Takis can’t help but adore the dog once he’s securely in the car. ,, Look at that adorable face,” he remarks, observing that the puppy’s collar remains blue.

Takis returns Samu to her safe haven on a mountainside in the middle of an olive grove. There is enough space for 300 dogs at any given moment. Samu was first hesitant, but quickly warmed up to the other animals and began playing with the other dogs at the shelter. Samu was soon recognized by a foreign visitor, who brought the dogs to Takis’ house in Finland. Samu arrived in Finland quickly and made friends with two other dogs rescued from Takis’ shelter.