The police dog was discharged for being too nice, but he quickly found a new job!

The gavel was a cute German Shepherd puppy that was the finest dog in the world. He is lively, joyful, and simply a delight. Everyone’s face lights up when he’s around. Gavel seemed to like his time in the police force, and after a while, he decided to join the Queensland Police Service in Australia. Gavel’s hopes were dashed when he learned that friendly dogs could not be members of the police force. Unfortunately, he was let go. He was upset, but he resolved to re-enter the job market, sending his resume to potential companies. One responded with the ideal chance for an excited dog like him. He secured a dream job working for Queensland’s Governor, and he is now the Vice-Regal dog. His job tasks include welcoming guests at the Queensland Governors’ office, participating in formal meetings and briefings with the Governor, and bringing love and kindness wherever he travels. This position seemed to suit Gavel nicely, as he is a very energetic and well-trained dog. He may still ponder about his previous employment and how things may have turned out if he had been there, but this is a fresh beginning for him. He even has his own custom-made outfit. This instance demonstrates how being kind pays off, and that even if one door closes, another will open for you if you decide to get back on your paws and battle again. The Queensland Governor fell in love with the dog and intends to keep him for a long time, and Gavel feels the position will be ideal for him.