The Oldest Nile Crocodile In The World! It Will Soon Be 122 Years Old

We believe there are few fans of these large, fearsome and bloodthirsty animals. This is also understandable, as they incapacitate their prey in a few moments and then quickly eat them. Quite a few people have been lucky enough to remain at least disabled after encountering these magnificent animals. Some, unfortunately, did not stay alive.

Today we introduce you to a Nile crocodile called Henry, who will be 122 years old this year, on 16 December to be precise! That is really a lot, making Henry one of the oldest Nile crocodiles in the world.
Henry’s home is a closed reserve “at the Crocworld Conservation Centre” in KqaZulu-Natal. This crocodile is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the largest crocodiles in the centre. It is up to 5 metres long and weighs 500 kilograms.

Interestingly, this breed of crocodile has a large number of offspring, and Henry has had willy-nilly 10,000 offspring since his admission to the reserve. Park staff say Henry has as many as six wives!
“Henry has been with Crocworld since 1985, when he was already a proud 85 years old,” said Crocworld Conservation Centre Manager James Wittstock.

“His birthday is always a wonderful occasion and a great excuse for everyone to go to Crocworld and meet animals …”

Every year on Henri’s birthday, the park has many visitors who love to come and celebrate the day with Henri.