The Dog Who Was Abandoned In The Muddy Yard Is So Spoilt Now.          

The yard she was left in had turned into a complete slush hole, and pools of standing water were everywhere. Dozens of other tykes and puppies scurried around the Louisiana property as Annie lay huddled underneath a hedge in the slush.

The look on her face was one of pure terror.

The pets had been left to forfend for themselves in their proprietor’s yard before someone reported the situation to St. Landry Parish Animal Control, which rushed to get the pets off the property.

The group took in Annie and others—but unfortunately, its county sanctum was full and could not house them all.

“They were going to have to start euthanizing,” Natalie Thomson, sales director for Stray Rescue of St. Louis, told The Dodo. “That’s when (we) stepped over and agreed to take her.”

Many other pets from the property were transported to St. Louis, Missouri, shortly after. During a vet test, the deliverance realized her back legs were misshaped, and she demanded to be desexed and treated for heartworms.

In addition, she was still spooked by everyone.

“We weren’t sure if a kind word had ever been said to her,” Thomson said. “She wouldn’t eat or let us touch her. She wasn’t feral, just hysterical. “

But after some technical vet care and lots of stimulants, she eventually started eating and snuggling with some stuffed creatures the staff had given her.

“We moved her from having an apartment in the sanctum to one of the services where she could be around people all day,” Thomson said. “She learned to play with other pets (and) toys and made friends with everyone.” Her personality just bloomed and she was such a gentle, kind soul. “

After continuing her great recovery progress with a foster family, Annie was posted online for relinquishment — and Linda Nelsen fell in love incontinently. She had just lost one of her pets two days ago and had been considering evoking another since.

“Late one night, I was laying in bed on my phone and this picture of a black canine showed up,” Nelsen told The Dodo. “My heart started pounding, and I woke my husband up to tell him I had planted her. I just knew. “

They were approved to borrow and Annie went home soon after. They’ve lately changed her name to Andi, and it’s quite possible she’s never been this happy in her life.

Andi has a lot on her plate. Although no one knows how her legs were misshaped, the condition does not stop her from running or playing.

“She loves being part of a pack,” Nelsen said. She’s always running after the others. She’s having the time of her life. “

After a packed day of playing, Andi knows the stylish place to go for some redundant love.

“I suppose she’s amazed she has a soft, warm bed now,” Nelsen said. “I’ll tuck her in at night, cover her up and blarney her back legs.” She’s in heaven. “