We all love cats, but can anybody honestly claim to be familiar with every kind and breed? I don’t think so.

Such a thing as a werewolf kitten exists. Do you know? A video of a kitten from one of their foster cats was recently shared on the social media account “Graciewolfcat.” The little cat stood out among her sisters and brothers because she had barren areas and unusual hair patterns. It turns out that the adorable kitten was born with a rare natural mutation. Cats with this mutation are known as Lykoi, or Wolfcats.

The owner of the foster home, Bree, stated, “I chose to foster two pregnant cats that I found at a company location together.” “They had their babies six days and one week earlier.” “The two mothers came together and started raising all 12 children as one large family. They regarded one another’s children as if they were their own.

“I rushed one to the vet immediately away since I saw she was looking frail and losing her hair,” she continued. “I was informed she could have had a few more coats earlier, but she was well and in good health.” We were worried about her health, but she made it through.

Minor gains followed by the beginning of her hair’s regrowth. As she grew older, Bree said, “I couldn’t get over how different she appeared and how different she was from her brothers and parents.”

She continued to speak to add a few further remarks about herself. “I work full-time as a professional photographer! She stated, “I perform both weddings and births. I also photographed Gracie’s birth. I have a wonderful husband who adores Grace and the other pets, and I love living in central Maine! “I saw a garment that appeared to be similar, but I didn’t give it much thought. As she grew older, I tried to Google many breeds of cats with black and white pointed hair and smooth faces, but in the end I realized she was a wolfcat, or more appropriately called a Lykoi. According to my research, a wolfcat, also known as a lykoi, is a common domestic cat that descended from a natural genetic mutation among various cat colonies, which is where her ancestors originated. Shе оnlу hаs оnе соаt оf fur аnd mоlts еvеrу 6 mоnths оr sо.”Brее sаid.“Likе а wоlf’s реlt, hеr fur mау bе rubbеd fоrth аnd bасkwаrd.

She has delicate skin and will need to pay extra attention to the buildup of grease and oil around her feet and cheeks. “My favorite memory of Grace is when she was a little, malnourished baby and I used to love kissing and breathing her in; she has a scene that makes me want to kiss her.” I occasionally still catch a smell of her old newborn perfume, which I like. It’s probably one of those difficult motherly things, haha. Although I enjoy kissing her, she always pulls my face away despite how much I admire her large, beautiful eyes.

She appears to be a werewolf yet is simply like any other house cat. After conducting some research, I learned that she had only one coat of hair and had frequently shaved it throughout her life, Bree explains. I learned that she was a spectacular genetic mutation from the wild colony where her mother lived. Her story was recently published in videos on TikTok, and since then, she has gained popularity.

She currently has 42,000 followers, which is quite impressive. We also learned that wolves are worth around $3,000, so getting a valuable cat for nothing is quite amazing!

What’s going on with Grace these days? She is doing well and has excellent health. She enjoys napping and playing. Brее аdds.  Her favorite toy, whether she’s playing with it or following the red dot, is her laser pointer. Grace is currently driving by herself to the home of her grandmom!

“She rides in a bubble pack her grandmom gave her! “Gracie’s bubbling backpack serves as her playhouse when she isn’t traveling. She isn’t really chatty, She likes to approach my feet when I’m seated and stroke them, even cuddling them. “Gracie doesn’t stay with me; she prefers to sleep on the beach. She enjoys sitting at the window and chowing down on her tail. Gracie enjoys napping and sketching on her sketching boards. Bree also has other pets.