Stray Dog Who Begged People To Buy Donuts, To Fund His Surgery Cost, Dies

The outcome of this case that went so viral makes millions cry

The story of Rex, a stray dog who sold donuts to buy his surgery, went viral after his death. Rex, who was hit by a vehicle, was rescued by Silvia V. in La Verdad Noticias.

Silvia started selling empanadas and doughnuts with the help of Rex to buy his medicines. People started going to Polígono 108 Park to meet Rex and buy donuts to help him.

Sadly, Rex’ health started getting worse and he had to be taken urgently to the hospital as he’d not stop vomiting. Thankfully, after Silvia V. shared his story on social media, a kind lady helped ask him to go to an orthopedic doctor. He was then transferred to a vet clinic to remain dehydrated as he was given serum.

Rex’ condition was complicated making surgery inconvenient. So Silvia started asking people to help donate to Rex because he spent a lot of money on medicines and food.

Sadly, the dog died as he couldn’t hold out. Silvia shared on social media that the cash that was raised is going to be wont to cremate Rex, and if anything left, it’ll be wont to help other dogs in need. RIP Rex!