Sleepy American Bulldog is teased by a mischievous Chihuahua puppy.

We’ll show you how a bouncy and feisty chihuahua puppy makes a drowsy bulldog feel his fury in this humorous video. Well, we can all agree that puppies are the most daringly playful creatures on the planet.

That is the subject of the following video. One American Bulldog is about to discover for himself how much he like tiny dogs! Instead of the calm giant who just wants to sit and sleep on the floor, a fiery, feisty Chihuahua dog appears to have different plans for his time! The fact is that dogs, like people, have varied behaviors. In reality, as a puppy, the tiny one is the only one that understands how to begin playing. And that means running as fast and wild as you can since speed is all the pups know! Fortunately, he only has to engage with one kind and understanding Bulldog, but the Bulldog just wants to lie down on the floor and relax.

This is such a sweet scene between two very different dogs who do things in very different ways. Hopefully, the entire incident was captured on tape, and the footage simply brightened my day.