Rescue The Dog That Was In An Accident On The Highway. God’s Miracle Saved The Dog

We are the animal rescue team.

when we revcieve information about abandoned or sick little animals  , we always do our best  to help them.

Rescue a poor little dog in a traffic accident

The little dog was in bad conditions , he was laying on the road without moving and the blood cover his body .

We took all what we need to give him the first aid . then we took him to the Vet clinic to examine his health .

The Vet examined the poor dog and helped him to wake up , he started monving but it seemed as he had  pain

…So the Vet gave him a treatement to be better .

Then he treated and bandaged his wounds .

After having all the treatement he needed , We took him home to clean his body because it was dirty ,and give him some food .

Now he is in better conditions , enjoying his time .

Thanks for all who are supporting us to help animals .