Puppy Dumped In Tɾash Is A Spoiled Princess Now

We got a call for help, some one heartless abandoned little puppy like  garbage. We come to there for help. She laid there frozen, hungry, and aloned without mother or other dog. She look at me with the saddnest eyes: “Please help me”!

Only 1,2kg, sadness in her eyes. Left at the garbage container. From fatigue, hunger, thirst, winter, she lay down and surrendered. I took her to the Vet and give her name Nana!
Day 1: After the Vet treatment, she eat a little foods. That’s a good sign. She’s still very weak, she miss her mother or maybe her borther and sister. Where are they now?
No one know! We hope they survived and live a happy life. And little Nana, I promised you will have a happy life forever.
Day 2: Little Nana today. She is getting better, more active and eat more foods.
Day 3: Little Nana let’s eat more foods and growing to happy and beutiful dog.
Day 4: Good morning, I’m nothing bigger than a toy. Grandma! I know how to play. Haha!
Day 5: Look at her beutiful and sadness eyes. I love you little Nana.
45 days later: Nana today is already vaccines, she’s be ready for her new home! Nana will begin a second chance with a new home, the kind owner who really love her! Many bad and sadness thing all gone.
One year later: Nana sends greetings from her forever home! She deserve a happy life. Thanks all!
Watch the video below for the full story! 
Special Thanks To Rescuer:  Sandra Dizdarevic 💚
Thanks to the channel :  Paws Show ❤️
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