Poor Puppy Rescued From A Dumpster

The neighbor called me and told me that there was a puppy lying next to the trash and he thought he was not dҽαd. I went to the garbage cans where the homeless dogs live and found this puppy almost dҽαd. He can’t stand his leg and he has a prominent bite on his body.

I’m on my way now to the vet clinic. This puppy suffered greatly. You can see on the x-ray his lungs are broken and forming pressure on his heart.
The doctor also told me that he had severe internal bleeding and was breathing with difficulty. The first night he was unwell was horrible. To see a tiny puppy screaming and fitting and frothing at the mouth was horrific. and he still is refusing to eat proper food. I spent two full nights awake supporting him so he was not alone and afraid.
I am proud that I have been able to help him survive but am not sure what health issues will become apparent in the future. He has survived a terrible disease but is left with both mental and physical issues .
I can only hope time improves his health. Carlos is getting better every day, hope he recovers quickly in the following days. Thank God for not leaving this angel.
Watch the video below for the full story! 
Special Thanks To: Moe Dogge Animal Rescue 💚
Thanks to the channel : @AnimalRescue ❤️