Nobody Wanted To Adopt This Dying 16-Year-Old Shelter Dog

No one wanted to adopt this dying 16-year-old dog from the shelter. He was nothing more than a skeleton of a dog with matted fur and some parts missing.

But things were about to change for Bear. A family came to the shelter and decided to give him a chance. It seems that all Bear needs is a little love and attention, because this transformation is not very convincing. In the picture you can see Bear’s file. Just an old dog who needs a little help, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

Riding to freedom.


The first day at his forever home.


Bear’s name is now Norman. He has his special places to take a nap at.


I don’t think there is something else he loves more than napping!


Wait… There actually is something else. Food!


Day by day he looked better. He is living his best life.


In the end Norman needed nothing but love.


Norman’s rescue gave him a completely new outlook on life and also a fresh look.


Adopting an animal doesn’t mean to just save a life. You give them the best life they ever had!