Nobody knew what breed these abandoned little hairless puppies were.

A guy noticed six little animals in need of assistance while walking to work one day. He had no clue what these things were, yet they were all by themselves in the woods.

Their skin was very pink, their mother was nowhere to be seen, and the guy happily brought the animals to a shelter for care.

When the six-pack came to the Sylacauga, Alabama animal shelter, officials immediately began working to save these young ones.

“They were so stinky that the shelter employees had to wear masks to bathe them,” Nicole Zaguroli of Second City Canine Rescue (SCCR), a nonprofit rescue in Illinois, told The Dodo. They had scabies, were emaciated, and were chilly.

The animals turned out to be puppies that staff mistook for Cocker Spaniel hybrids. When Jacquie Cobb, president of SCCR, spotted the puppies on social media, she knew she had to assist.

They were transferred to Auburn Veterinary College, where they received prompt medical care. The challenge now is which breed to list on their internet adoption listings.

Meanwhile, the puppies were placed in various foster homes.

White fur gradually began to fill in the previously injured skin. A DNA test on the puppies proved that they were 100% Great Pyrenees canines!

Fortunately, the puppies developed into full-grown, healthy canines. Their adopted family is bracing for the once-tiny pups to weigh more than 100 pounds each.

All of these wonderful canines have a wonderful life!