No One Cares About Her, She Persists In Begging For HeIρ From Passersby

Meet Constance!

She was only 2 months old, abandoned in an apartment building. She’d been here for almost a week, and at times, Constance had become the children’s plaything. Many times, the baby is very scared when someone is mischievous and hurt her.

But then this baby has to try to be happy, Constance wants to be accepted by everyone. She desperately needs a safe home. Today too, she is trying to beg for a man’s help. But he doesn’t care about this child.

We couldn’t hold back our tears when we witnessed this heartbreaking scene. When she felt our help, she was overjoyed and receptive. She’s feeling the best she’s never had. Constance was taken to the clinic.

Thank god she’s fine. She needs to be supplemented with nutrients to grow better. A week later, after she stabilized, she was vaccinated. Constance has a classic and aristocratic beauty.

We are sure that she will be very beautiful. The puppy is an extremely friendly. She is not lonely. Constance loved to talk and joke.

We are actively looking for a wonderful home for her. This beautiful girl can sleep in bed, play friendly with everything. The baby is not only beautiful but also obedient. She remains very calm when needed.

Constance is proving to be the happiest puppy in the world. Our angel would like to thank everyone for their love and support. Now, she has a warm home.