Need a good laugh? Just watch this cute pony dunk this little girl into the mud

This adorable little girl was riding a white pony named Lightning, but then he suddenly decided to stop. He got down and rolled around in the mud, but it seems like he forgot that the girl was still riding him. So she fell from her pony but fortunately, nothing bad happened, she just got a little bit dirty. She was brave and got a good laugh out of the incident, together with the other girls, and wasn’t even upset about getting her clothes dirty.

Horses are definitely playful. But I would say that ponies exhibit the most playfulness, in all forms, and most often. And the pony in our video couldn’t help but play a little in the mud. Rolling is part of a horse’s natural grooming habits. A good roll and wiggle in the mud can help remove loose hair and dead skin. To a horse, mud is an appealing body scrub and conditioner. It can also help pull out any loose leaves, stems, burrs, or other foliage trapped in his hair.

You will see horses rolling one after the other on the same spot. Rolling helps the horses to shed their coat, maintain their coat and regulate their body temperature. In addition, the mud conditions their skin and can be a helpful insect repellent into the bargain. Drying sweat can be irritating, but the dirt or dust relieves this.

But mud creates bad footing as well, which can lead to leg injuries, strain, and stress to joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In addition, mud can be slippery and deep. It can be as difficult for the horse to maneuver through as ice and snow. So a horse standing in deep, cold mud, in cold rainy weather, will be miserable. That’s why you should take care, so your horse or pony doesn’t do this very often.