Military Dog stands Guard To Protect Sleeping Soldier At Airport

Dogs play an important part in the US military. They risk their lives to protect people and are adept at many skills humans couldn’t do, like using their sense of smell to detect explosives.They also form a real bond with their human comrades that can last long after a deployment ends.

These dogs are so loyal and protective that they can be a big source of comfort and friendship for soldiers.That’s what one heartwarming viral photo shows, as a loyal military dog protects a soldier having a nap at the airport.The pic was taken at the Indianapolis airport after someone spotted the alert German shepherd standing guard over his napping commrade.

According to WPTV, they were among a group of ten human soldiers and two dogs who were resting up at the airport. It was not clear if they were preparing to fly out for a deployment or returning home, but it was clear they were tired and needed to grab a little shut eye wherever they could.

And this soldier could rest easy, knowing that his loyal guardian had his back, keeping an eye out and making sure no one could bother him — and perhaps also serving as a furry blanket.

What a sweet photo. It’s a reminder of how loving and loyal dogs can be, especially those in the military: they always have their fellow soldiers’ backs.