Man scolding his dog bursts out laughing when the dog presents him with the cutest forgiveness

Iwill not repeat myself by saying that dogs are perhaps the cutest thing in the world and will brighten up your days. All pet owners now that by now, right? Dogs give you companionship and a zest for life. However, what if they happen to misbehave sometimes? How do you handle that?

Just like with every relationship that has its ups and downs, our pets have the same effect on us, leaving us a little blue whenever they do something that isn’t right. Such is the case with one of the dogs, Ettore whose owner, Anthony is scolding him for some unknown reason.

By the looks of it, Ettore feels super bad about the behavior as her face says “I’m sorry” pretty clearly. So clearly and cutely in fact that it is hard for Anthony to maintain a straight face while scolding her.

The actions are very hilarious as the pup attempts to act as a little child begging for forgiveness. It seems like her ways are working fine, mind you as forgiven she is. Yeah, she knows she might be a little bit off and misbehaved but she for sure also knows that a hug can fix everything. Her behavior in this video is the cutest thing ever.