Man Playing Violin Is Joined By 2 Horses Who “Dance” To His Musical Serenade

Two Horses Dance to a Musical Serenade

You’ve seen multiple videos on the internet about animals and human beings. As time passed, animals and human beings have gotten closer together. As pets, as assistants in the military (K-9 dogs, etc.), police dogs, circus animals, travel animals, farm animals, etc. The list goes on. The very first youtube video was of a person in the zoo. There have also been specific animal videos that have seemed unreal and funny. Such as bears and humans in Russia, bears sitting in the passenger seats of bikes, etc. Recently enough, there’s been another such video.

What was in this Video?

A violinist, Ray Chen, posted a video around January. The video included him playing the violin in a field, nothing ordinary. But, until two horses joined him in listening to his beautiful serenade, the horses bent their head close by and tried to get closer to what it would seem like. The horses pricked their ears and listened closely from the looks of the video. It was almost as if the beautiful serenade was enchanting and attracting the horses to the music.

Fans like the peace and scenic theme of the view because of the field and music. This goes to show that animals and humans can have a very close and intimate bond provided that there is love and affection, especially from humans.

This is a very obvious fact, seen with dogs especially. With the rise of technology and awareness, we should keep in mind that humans are animals and should treat them live how we would treat ourselves with love and respect.

This video gained millions of views, more than two million on youtube.