Man Left His Old Dog Tied To Public Bathroom With Note Saying “Be Nice To Dog”

Man Left His Old Dog Tied To Public Bathroom With Note Saying “Be Nice To Dog”
A 9-year-old black Labrador named Ladybird was found tethered to a public bathroom in Destrehan’s Splash Park, Louisiana. She had food and water by her side, and a note attached to her that said, “Be nice 2 dog – got stuck no car – be back soon – give my dog some water – be back in morning.”
As the content of the note was reasonably incoherent, the local animal control assumed Ladybird to be abandoned and dutifully transferred her to a rescue called St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter. But the very next morning, they received a call from the dog’s actual owner – who had bicycled his thanks to the park to retrieve Ladybird!
The animal control guided the person to the rescue, and then the workers finally learned about his heartbreaking ordeal.
In a heart to heart conversation, he explained that he had rescued Ladybird when she was 6 weeks old. The duo had spent their past 9 years as adventurers traveling across the country. But recently, he received adversity and things started going south.
The owner was currently homeless and without a car, which is why he left Ladybird at the public bathroom to seek out some help. He had planned to maneuver to North Carolina as well as his dog, where he had a family who was able to help him revisit on his feet.
However, he was still stuck in Louisiana as he had no means of transportation.
The workers can see that this man is really worried about the ladybugLadybird, and he didn’t want her to suffer in her senior years.
After much thought, they decided to assist him get Ladybird to his family range in North Carolina.
The best part was that several other rescues – namely “Turning Rescues into Pets,” “GreaterGood”, and “Wings Of Rescue”, also volunteered to help!
Watch this video till the top to find out how the mammoth efforts of those amazing rescues enabled Ladybird’s happy ending.
These rescues helped Ladybird and her dad in the most compassionate and non-judgmental manner – and that’s just beautiful!
Click the video below to see Ladybird’s journey as she finds the sweetest angels during adversity .