ccountant Steve Greig has a lot of animals to keep him busy. He lives with ten dogs, ducks, chickens, pigeons, cats, a pig, a rabbit, and a bunch of Koi fishes.It all started after Greig lost his first dog. Since both of his parents loved animals, Steve grew up surrounded by them. He had a dog who was so close to him that when it died, even months later, he was still mourning its loss.

So, in order to feel better, Greig decided to adopt the least adoptable dog at his local shelter. As if he was still caring for the deceased dog, Greig went to the shelter to adopt the most adoptable dog they had. Instead of mourning for the one he lost, he decided to adopt a new dog. His house eventually boasted 10 pets, including a 12-year-old Chihuahua named Eeyore. He gave the dog all his love and attention, so he named him Eeyore.Only eight of Greig’s ten dogs are his, he told The Dodo. One is owned by his roommate and one by his sister, but they are still very important members of the pack, since his house is now a “day care” for animals.

Greig’s morning routine involves him making breakfast for everyone and giving his pets medicine. He then leaves for work, returns during lunchtime to check on his animals, and then goes back to work. In addition to walking the dogs all of the time, he also jogs every day when he has the time.The weekends are his time for pet essentials and food shopping, vet visits and everything else necessary. Even though he has at least 10 pets, Greig is happy and enjoys the company of everyone. However, he has a special place in his heart for senior dogs.

Sadly, due to the fact that people are typically looking for puppies, senior dogs have fewer chances of being adopted in shelters. However, senior dogs are extremely easy to care for. They like to nap a lot, get along with other dogs and most of them have a gentler temperament, too. Greig says they are also wiser animals.

It is hard to tell whether he lives with so many pets from his house, since most of them are quiet and snuggled up in napping corners.Despite the challenges he faces, Greg plans to continue what he’s doing and to adopt a new animal once his old one passes. What he’s doing makes him feel extremely rewarded and makes his life worthwhile.