When a woman and her friend went for a walk in the afternoon, they heard cries in the distance. They followed the sounds and were taken aback by what they discovered! Four puppies, aged less than a month, were left alone. There was no other human or mama dog in sight. Who could leave these babies in such a state? The two females promptly dialed a local rescue number.
The rescuers arrived in a timely manner. Each puppy was lifted up by a caring woman who examined them. Fortunately, she had a lot of experience with animals dumped in this manner and was willing to assist them. Ticks were eating the puppies alive, she saw. What a plight for newborns! Two of the puppies were noticeably thinner than the other two. Their situation was really alarming. They rushed the puppies to the vet facility, putting them in a pail.

Two of the puppies were cleared to travel to the rescue shelter by the veterinarian. He indicated they required more nutrition and tick treatment, but they were otherwise well. Two of the puppies were unable to leave the clinic. Because of the insect bites and malnutrition, they were dangerously anemic. They required additional TLC as well as blood transfusions.

We can’t imagine how scared these puppies must have been. They are so little and belong with their mother. We are grateful that the rescuers took turns staying with the two puppies at the vet while they underwent treatment.

The two healthier puppies have already been adopted and are doing well in their foster homes. The other two puppies are in the vet’s office right now, but they’re getting better every day. The puppies were cheered up by the blood infusions. They’ve all been treated for parasites and are tick-free.

Thank goodness the woman and friend were taking a walk when they did. If not, it’s unlikely the puppies would have survived. Now all four are doing well.