In record cold weather, a lost dog was discovered shivering at a bus stop.

A bus passenger saw the shivering dog…

A bus rider saw the shivering dog… This story is about a few lost dogs that were shivering in the cold at a Regina bus stop. While waiting for the Regina Humane Society to come, a transportation service worker called Darren Szabo observed the puppy and tried to keep him warm.

Initially, the dog snarled and was terrified of Szabo, but because he was shielded by Szabo’s fleece jacket, he realized that Szabo intended to help him.

Fortunately, the Regina Humane Society arrived quickly. scene. When they investigated to see if the dog had a microchip, they discovered that he had become separated from his family, who had previously reported him missing.

As a result, he and his family were reunited! due of Szabo, who arrived just in time to save a large number of dogs