He Surrenders To deaтн On The Side Of The Road, But His Anguish Will Be Forgotten Soon.

This is the story of Alex, a poor dog whose body was infested with maggots and wounds. He was terribly tired, dehydrated, and malnourished. Alex was on his deathbed.

He was dangling by his collar on the side of a deserted roadway. He was unable to flee on his own. What made matters worse was that he was invisible from the street.

But all changed when he was noticed by Alex, who immediately contacted a local animal charity called Feed Friends Foundation for assistance.

They removed him and placed him in a foster family in Alle Hadoc to provide him with the attention and affection he need while he recovered emotionally and physically. He required a long and difficult road to recovery, but no one would give up on him.

Alex met new kittens and dogs, which really aided him. He was thankfully so brave that he was entirely cured and adopted by a loving family that would never mistreat him.