He sat in the same position for days after his mother was hit by a car, expecting she’d return.

A puppy, now known as Baby, was abandoned on the streets after his mother was killed by a car, according to ilovemydogsomuch.

A nice stranger began providing food and water to him and the other strays on a daily basis. Every time he stepped outside, he spotted the puppy lying in the same spot, as if he was waiting for his deceased mother to return for him.

Fortunately, Baby was rescued at the last possible moment before it was too late. Although he was nervous about driving for the first time, he was just relieved to be out of the cold streets.

He was taken to the vet for immunizations, deworming, tick and flea treatment, and parasite treatment. Fortunately, he received a clean bill of health!

On his first night, he ate and slept a lot, which he couldn’t do on the streets.

He finally had a good night’s sleep, and his lively personality came out. He was exciting, lively, and immensely effervescent.

Baby has even had their life rescued via adoption and is now living in a warm, loving home!