He Curled Up In Front Of Gas Station In -20°C, Suffered Long Time Until This Kind Man Come!

Minus 20 degree. . . maybe someone want to give warm home to this poor man. .

Wondering what is he dreaming about ? . . . Winter cold is past for him….

A dog that grew up on the gas station is finally safe on warm…. The employees of the gas station had teary eyes when saying goodbye to him but they were happy….

They told me that he was hit by a car two times already,   and that they couldn’t make a house for him because they are not allowed to. And that they are really happy that he is finally save after all this years…And you can imagine how happy I am!

3 months later: Sweet Cuki got adopted in Scotland! My thoughts and prayers are  with Steph Inglis  who gave  you a home and showed you what love was.