He Cɾied Badly When His Owner Abαndσned Him, But They Just Walked Away Left Him Under Rain

15 Oct, a shop in São Paulo checked CCTV & found this after leaving the box, they guy ran away however, that same guy came back in around an hour he checked, the box was still there and took it.
We thought he changed his mind but he just had a look and put back the box then ran away again it rained at night & the puppy get wet when we found it so tinny and still shivering even after we dried it.
it’s a Yorkshire dog, even smaller than my hand he also had bad injury with his back legs, not sure why. but the vet said it’s not severe to his life. after blood check, Enzo was allowed to return home.
it’s totally new for him, so he scared and look around so I gave him some food trying to make friend with him you can see there is defection with his back legs. after another night in blanket which kept him warm.
He’s a lovely dog and started playing with me but he’s still weak and couldn’t walk much as the vet’s suggest, I need to encourage him walking to help him has stronger muscle, here is what I did.
When it’s getting better, first walk he did just to kiss me and always run toward me, so lovely boy he also tried to play with others, but they don’t want him cause he’s too small celebrating 3 weeks with me now
Enzo he’s much happier now, this is him every morning and he hates camera, but his behavior are still so cute.