For 12 days, a devoted dog saved a missing 3-year-old kid in the cold Siberian tundra.

Karina Chikitova lives in the remote Sakha region of Siberia with her family and her dog Naida. The three-year-old daughter went to the adjacent woodlands with Naida one day and became lost in the dark jungle.

Because there was no phone network in the region, the Chikitova family had to wait more than four days to tell authorities of their daughter’s absence. Locals believed a little child couldn’t live in this bear-infested area. The sole solace was the fact that Naida was with Karina. The entire hamlet was mobilized and searched for days, but the girl was nowhere to be seen. Everyone feared the worst as the weeks passed because Karina could have starved to death or been skinned by a wild animal.

When the search crew discovered Naida at the conclusion of the 11-day search, there was a ray of optimism. They followed the dog with a mixture of hope and terror. They were shocked to discover Karina lifeless on the grass bed Naida had built for her!

Karina was famished and dehydrated after spending 12 nights in the wilderness. She was in the hospital for many days. When she came to, she said that Naida was the sole reason she was still alive! The devoted dog not only protected Karina from dangerous creatures, but also kept her warm in the chilly weather.

While Karina ate blackberries and drank river water to stay hydrated, Naida was concerned about her homecoming. The terrified dog eventually went out in search of rescuers and led them to Karina’s hideout. Karina had been bitten by several pathogenic insects and was severely emaciated. But the brave girl gradually recovered. She is now a rising dancer with big goals in her eyes!

And the people’s favorite hero is Naida! As a testament to the dogs’ bravery, the local authorities created a monument of Karina and Naida!