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Extremely Rare White Lion Quadruplets Face The Public For The First Time Since Their Birth


ccurring sporadically, the white lion is the result of a genetic color mutation that leads to an all-white coat. No, they are not albinos! The white lion has a unique coat characterized by leucism, which means that the fur loses only part of its pigment, but the lips and eyes remain colored.

To read more interesting stories, join our Facebook page ,,yellow buzz”. There are currently only 13 lions in the wild, with 100 in captivity. Just one month ago, four white lions arrived at this zoo in eastern China! The many photos of these four-legged animals published by the zoo immediately made millions of people fall in love. These white lions have a birthday on November 6th. Their birthplace is Nantong Forest Safari Park in Jiangsu, China. All four were males.

Photos released by the Chinese zoo show the cubs playing together in the forest, feeding and even posing for the camera. According to the Nantong Forest Safari Park, the cubs are healthy and growing very fast. They were ready to make their first public appearance on December 26, a month after their birth. As previously reported, there are only 13 white lions in the wild, while 100 live in captivity. The Global White Lion Conservation Foundation has clarified that these beautiful animals are not recognized as a separate species. In addition to its rarity, the white lion is not even listed as an endangered species. Therefore, these animals are not protected by law.

A member of the Global White Lion Conservation Foundation team posted something on their website. White lions are listed as Panthera leo, which means they could face extinction in the future if their trade is not strictly controlled.