Every time Mom takes a family photo, Cheeky Dog ruins it.

Everyone has that one family member or friend that is the life of the party and acts like a clown. Hina is the only member of the family that behaves foolishly when Shiba Inu dog mom Yoko Kikuchi tries to photograph her. The other dogs sit politely and are well-behaved, but Hina makes wild faces whenever the camera is turned on.

Kikuchi told the Daily Mail that she used to “detest dogs,” but she fell in love with the breed when her husband encouraged her to adopt a Shiba Inu. Hina is a new member of the canine gang who is most known for her photogenic antics. Hina’s gnawing on her owner’s headphones, wires, and shoes has earned her the moniker “Destroyer.”

Hina yawns at moments, yell at others and flashes a slick grin for the camera. Kikuchi reports that she is a timid dog around people but comes alive when she is among other dogs.

She does, however, have a sizable human following on Instagram. Kikuchi’s funny photos are often expected by over 100,000 fans.