During the car ride, the dog begins to sing along to Michael Jackson’s songs.

When music is involved, everything takes on a new significance. It is the most efficient method of expressing love since it generates such powerful sensations that they grasp the spirit and inspire drive to live. And when you see an animal that actually likes music, you know this song will survive the test of time!

Honey, Melissa’s rescue dog, adores singing along to the music. Honey couldn’t help but sing along to Michael Jackson’s famous “Will You Be There” on the radio when driving through Humboldt County a few months ago. We don’t think we need to tell you who Honey’s favorite musician is: the King of Pop. We’re not here to argue over whether Honey is a good singer or not. Nobody can tell you to keep it quiet when you love a song so much that you sing along from the bottom of your heart! According to accounts, Michael Jackson was not only the King of Pop but also the King of Everyone’s Heart, cherished by young and old alike all across the world, even dogs. Who’d have guessed?

Music is unquestionably the best way to convey affection. It has a way of affecting your soul, motivating you, and making you feel like you’ve never felt before. Despite the fact that our animals are unable to speak with humans, Honey appears to show Melissa how she feels. What a gorgeous lady!