Dog’s Emotional Reaction to Lion King Scene

One of Disney’s most popular films, The Lion King, has grabbed the hearts and minds of people all around the world. The Lion King says, “It’s the circle of life, and it pulls us all Through despair and hope, faith and love.” And it appears that the picture is enjoyed by more than simply people. Luna is a four-month-old dog that enjoys The Lion King from Disney. As she sits on the bed and watches the movie, she is thoroughly absorbed in it. She sits transfixed by what she sees on the television, her attention never leaving it.

Then, in the climax, when Simba learns of his father, Mufasa’s, death, she begins to cry as the little cub attempts to rouse him up. She can’t sit still as her parents film her reaction to the movie because she’s so anxious. Luna, unable to look away, continues to watch and appears to understand the seriousness of Simba’s plight. She stands then sits, unable to hold back her tears as she watches the presentation, clearly distressed by what she sees.

The adorable dog, who may be the most sensitive puppy we’ve ever seen, continues to watch the show. It’s as though she understands the narrative of the film and knows precisely what’s going on. Is it because of the characters’ body language? So, how about the music? Could she be picking up on her owner’s emotions? We’ll never be able to know for certain. Luna, on the other hand, appears to be paying attention as she joins Simba on his father’s bed. She obviously feels bad about Simba. It’s just as heartbreaking to see the puppy as it is to watch the movie. “To watch her sobbing in front of the TV was the best thing I’ve ever seen,” her owner, Josh Meyers, said.