Dog Who Wanted To Hide From The World Starts Loving Life

Meet Orka. He was left aloned beside the road, frozen in cold and desperate waiting for help. I give to Orka foods, he’s very hungry and tommorrow we will go to the Vet for treatment. The ORKA  went out for a walk after Vet checking and treatment. Day 4: We are on the way to visit the Vet everyday.
Little ORKA … On the road to full recovery. THANK YOU all for the medicines, for the support, for the energy and for the love.
Day 6: Awww look at the Orka’s ass and smileys, haha. Now that he has recovered, he and I can go to town for coffee.
Day 11: ORKA I wanted to go to school but Caki said I am going to teach you how to drive,  He is annoying, is there anybody who wants me? Please  Day 15: Having fun with little Orka. Day 46: WE LOVE YOU GUYS.
Little Orka! Day 48: Happy days! Little Orka got adopted to a young happy couple. I know she has made these young people happy and I am sure they will make her too.
Thanks to everyone that has been involved in Orka’s journey. He will be cared for and loved for the rest of his life.
Watch the video below for the full story!