Dog Chained To Same Spot For 8 Years, Sees Woman Approaching & Lifts Her Head

Lola   the   Pit Bull   was very excited when she found home with a family. But the family never actually welcomed the dog into their hearts, writes ilovemydogsomuch

They chained her amidst the junk lying in an open garage that provided no shelter from the weather. For 8 years, they just fed her crumbs and never even touched her with love.

As the rusty chains wounded her everywhere and suffocated her, Lola tried her best to free herself. When she saw a big tumor growing on one of her back legs, and two others growing on her chest, she realized her end was near. The poor girl felt defeated and surrendered to her fate.

After a few months, a woman working for AMA Animal Rescue learned of Lola’s plight. As she confronted the owner for neglecting and imprisoning Lola, the owner simply asked her to take the dog away. The family was all too thrilled to get the dog “out of the way”.

We see Lola’s heart-wrenching reaction as she is set free for the first time in 8 years. She embraces her rescuer the moment her chains are cut off and happily follows her to the shelter.

Lola was weakened after years of neglect, and the rescuers’ top priority was to get rid of her tumors and restore her health. After months of intensive treatment, Lola finally recovered and was ready to be adopted!

Lola initially suffered many rejections due to her advanced age. But eventually, a woman named Charlene fell in love with the dog and decided to be her forever mom! After almost a decade of sadness and pain, the resilient Lola is finally living like a queen in her new home!