The Clydesdales first appeared in a Super Bowl commercial thirty years ago, and since then, they have garnered such a following that fans eagerly await their appearance in future commercials. Those horses are the brand’s most recognizable symbol, and horse enthusiasts adore watching the Clydesdales in action.

This videos contains a mix of training and behind-the-scenes footage shot over the course of 15 years while working with these magnificent big-hearted horses. Many of you may have wondered what goes on behind the scenes of Budweiser advertisements, and now you have the opportunity to see it for yourself.

The success of the Clydesdales can also be ascribed to their trainer, Robin Wiltshire, who employs a reward-based system in which the horses are lavished with love and praise for their efforts. The key to success is training, and these beautiful, strong, and dynamic horses have enough of it.

They just keep practising until they get it right. It’s fascinating to see how some of these images were created. It’s a fantastically wonderful video. Such videos are made even better by an incredible trainer and intelligent horses.

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