Cat and chipmunk become friends and cuddle all day

Sometimes, unusual friendships can create the strongest bonds. At that seems to be the case for these two.

One day, a small chipmunk decided to go on an adventure into someone’s yard. He unknowingly entered a cat’s territory.

Upon seeing the frightened chipmunk, the cat lied down on the ground to show the chipmunk that he is harmless and friendly. After the cat’s friendly gesture, the chipmunk did a quick little hop and gently landed on top of the cat.

The two comfortably cuddled together, and it marked the start of their new, unexpected friendship. The image of the chipmunk while resting on the cat’s fluffy fur was so cute and precious that the cat’s owner shared their adorable story on Reddit.
(h/t: lovemeow)

Unusual friendships can turn out to be the best type of friendship.

One day, a chipmunk went on an adventure and entered into someone’s yard. This was when he came across a big cat. The cat lied down on the ground to show the chipmunk that he didn’t want to hurt him.

After the friendly gesture, the chipmunk gently hopped on the cat. This was the start of their friendship and endless cuddles.

The image of the two animals cuddling together, with the chipmunk resting on top of the cat’s body, is too precious and adorable.

The cat’s owner shared their cute story on Reddit.