Caring Mother Dog Makes an attempt to Comfort Her Crying Puppies by Bringing Them Toys

When infants scream, all moms have the same desire: to soothe them, according to reality. It’s the same for this amazing new Golden Retriever mom, who simply wants to help her children in any way she can. This lovely movie was recorded by Ms. Lu, the owner of Yami, a Golden Retriever from Zhengzhou, China.

Ms. Lu posted the video, and the story was picked up by MailOnline. Yami, a first-time mom, had just given birth to three puppies and was completely devoted to them. She wanted her puppies to be happy, as all good moms do.

When her puppies started crying, Yami started pacing and looking around the room. Yami seems anxious, as though she is unsure how to stop them from sobbing. Her adorable puppies are snug and secure in their bed, but they definitely wanted more. As she looks around the room, Yami has an idea. She’ll bring the dog toys from her puppies! Isn’t that meant to make them happy? “Here’s a beautiful toy, you may now stop weeping,” Yami says as she brings a toy to the pups and nudges it with her nose. When the toy stopped working, Yami did what any good mother would do: she went out and got new toys for her puppies.

Their luxurious bedroom was quickly filled with dog toys, but it took the puppies a few hours to calm down, according to Ms. Lu. Yami cuddled her babies and caressed their noses to reassure them, like the kind mother she is. When Ms. Lu saw the video later that day, she was struck by her dog’s empathetic response.