Brave Firefighters Save A Senior Dog That Fell Through An Icy Pond


hank You fire fighters for saving this dog. Great job.

13-year-old Boy was a dog who was having a bad day when he went for a walk on an icy pond and ended up falling through.

The canine senior was struggling in the freezing water, but he managed to let loose a cry out for help. Fortunately, brave men and women from the local department of Delaware are ready to pull him out and take him to safety.

After his cold ordeal, Boo was immediately taken to the veterinarian. While there, this lucky dog was given a clean bill of health, much to the relief of his family. There is no doubt that the next time Boo is by the pond, his family will be extra vigilant.

However, given his ordeal, we wouldn’t be surprised if it takes Boo a short time to figure up his courage to urge on the brink of the pond again. You can watch Boo’s dramatic rescue in the video clip below: