Because she couldn’t turn her face away from the wall due to fear, the vet recognized abuse on the shelter dog.  

Leaving home is frequently an exciting experience for a dog. A simple stroll, a trip to the vet, or even a special excursion to the dog park will suffice. However, for one dog, the journey ended at the local shelter, where her owners abandoned her.

Devastated, the poor dog retreated to a corner and refused to look around. According to ronproject.com, she was granted a new life thanks to a kind rescuer.

Tammy Graves, a founder of the Haley Graves Foundation, recognized June Cash’s need for assistance the moment she met her. Graves was overcome by the sight of the puppy resting in a corner and decided to take her in.

After a brief wait, June was ready to leave the shelter and begin a new life in a permanent home. But first, she needed to see the veterinarian. “She was terrified when she left the shelter, but she’s finally beginning to trust people.” “She’s getting a bit better every day,” Graves told The Dodo.

June was revealed to have heartworms after a veterinary checkup and was treated to get rid of them. She also had evidence of prior abuse. Even though it was painful, it was best that her prior owner gave her to the shelter.

Meanwhile, she learned to trust her foster family and recognized that everyone engaged in her rehabilitation was simply trying to assist her. She eventually felt comfortable enough to confide in her foster father.

Numerous adoption offers immediately followed, and Graves quickly drew the attention of over 500 individuals in June. But first, June had to be ready to return to her house.

Graves went to obedience trainer James Voyatzis, who had a lot of work ahead of him. June had both physical and psychological scars on her face. That is a common symptom of abuse, and she was most likely beaten with a stick. “She clearly had multiple litters and spent the majority of her life chained to a tree. She was incredibly hesitant, and we knew we needed to find a family that understood she needed time to warm up.” June was chosen.