At a red light, a woman greets two dogs, then a third dog emerges.

When a woman was biking downtown, she had to come to a complete halt due to traffic. As she waited for the traffic to clear, her attention was pulled to the two Pit Bulls peering out the window of a nearby car!

The woman, who adores dogs, chooses to grin and greet the two canines. As a consequence, she opens her car door and meets the adorable Pit Bulls. The woman then notices a strange movement between the shoulders of the two dogs.

As it turns out, there’s a third Pit Bull in the car! The “hidden” Pit Bull didn’t want to be left out when he heard his siblings being greeted by the lovely woman. He leaned in between his two brothers and poked his head out to make the woman aware of his presence! What a sweetie!

The woman is shocked and delighted to meet the third dog! She welcomes all three of them, and the doggie brothers adorably wag their heads in response to her pleasantries! What a lovely meeting! This is a very adorable moment, and all three of them are such wonderful dogs.