An injured dog leaps into an ambulance and begs for assistance.

It is not unusual for badly injured or unwell dogs to flee or hide. It might be difficult to lure a sick dog out of hiding in order to get them assistance.

When Animal Aid Unlimited saw a dog lurking in bushes, they realized she needed help right away. The dog had a serious neck wound and probably wouldn’t have lasted long on her own.

They did, however, encounter a minor quandary. The puppy was hiding in the woods and refusing to be picked up.

The dog, whose they had called Aatifa, then did something absolutely unexpected. She leapt up, went to the ambulance, and jumped straight in!

She cried out for assistance and knew precisely where to go to obtain it. While other injured dogs laid down and let fate take its course, Aatifa was a warrior who took matters into her own hands!

Animal Aid Unlimited’s medical staff cleaned up Aatifa’s wound and put her in a bandage. She could start her path to recovery, but it would be a difficult one.

The dog appeared to be recuperating nicely after a few weeks. Unfortunately, Aatifa became unwell during her fourth week of care. Rescuers were concerned she wouldn’t make it, but she persevered and recovered.

Not only did she survive the original injuries and sickness, but she was prospering under their care! They believe she was formerly someone’s pet because of her docked tail. Nobody knows what happened to her, but she’s kind to humans and full of life.

In the video below, you can see Aatifa’s rescue and recovery: (Warning: Graphic Content)