After Mom’s Permission, a German Shepherd wakes up the kids for school.

The fact is that it is quite tough for youngsters to wake up early in the morning in order to prepare for school. This is a topic that many parents are all too acquainted with since we were all once children. This is something to which we can all relate. A conventional alarm clock isn’t always adequate for the task. They can even sleep again if Mom or Dad wakes them up! But why bother with an alarm clock when you have a skilled canine companion? Chevy is the kind of dog that every parent needs! Chevy, the German Shepherd, is an expert at waking up the kids in the morning. She merely sits and waits for Mom’s reaction before proceeding with her business. The dog will sprint into each of the children’s rooms and leap upon their beds while barking! Chevy is the best at what she does, and she takes her work very seriously. What a wonderful young lady she is.